Thomas Reitmaier Research, Design, etc


As Lecturer in Computer Science at Swansea University, I coordinate and lecture the CSC371 Advanced Object Oriented Programming module (see below). In addition, I serve as personal tutor for undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervise a range of projects, including final year projects and MSci projects.

2023/2024 CSC371 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

This module for third-year Computer Science Students will give an advanced look at object-oriented programming (OOP) languages. It will investigate how OOP languages and libraries evolved to meet the needs of developers, overcoming the challenges involved in application development using non-OOP languages. The module introduces the programming languages C and C++, including low-level aspects of programming that are usually abstracted away in languages like Java. By starting with C, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the need for OOP concepts before moving on to studying programming in C++ and these concepts.